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Book One: Aham Da Asmi
(Beloved, I Am Da)

by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
February, 2004.
paperback, 232 pages.

German edition: Meine Geliebten, Ich bin Da


Aham Da Asmi

In Aham Da Asmi, Adi Da Samraj fully Reveals Himself as the Avataric Incarnation of the Living Divine Person and He elaborates on the Spiritual significance of this All-Embracing Divine-Confession, which is the foundation of His entire Revelation of the esoteric Way of Adidam.

When I first read the Word of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, I was immediately transported into a state of wonderment and awe. Could it be? Could the Divine Person be here now, in this time and place? It didn't take long for my heart to answer a resounding "Yes". May the whole world be restored to Faith, Love, and Understanding by the Mystery of Real God, here and incarnate as Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

Ed Kowalczyk, lead singer and songwriter of the rock band, Live, whose albums include V, Distance to Here, and Mental Jewelry

Book Two: Ruchira Avatara Gita
(The Way Of The Divine Heart-Master)

by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
April, 2001.
paperback, 432 pages.

In this book, Avatar Adi Da offers everyone the ecstatic practice of devotional relationship to Him, explaining how devotion to a living human Adept-Realizer has always been the source of true religion, and distinguishing true Guru-devotion from cultism.

Avatar Adi Da's Ruchira Avatara Gita has been carved out of the Heart of a great, presently living Master, out of compassion for aspiring humanity. Only those who are ready to fo beyond themselves can taste the ambrosia that flows out of such a Heart-Master as Avatar Adi Da. I feel this Gita will be of immense help to aspirants for a divine life.

M. P. Pandit, author, The Yoga of Works, Vedic Deities, and Thoughts on the Gita

Book Three: Da Love-Ananda Gita
(The Free Avataric Gift Of The Divine Love-Bliss)

by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
January, 2005
paperback, 366 pages


Avatar Adi Da Reveals the secret simplicity at the heart of Adidam — relinquishing your preoccupation with yourself (and all your problems and your suffering) and, instead, Contemplating Him, the “Bright” Divine Person of Infinite Love-Bliss.

This is the birth of fundamental and radical Scripture. When Avatar Adi Da Samraj says "My bodily (human) Form is (Itself) the Teaching", this is an absolute Phenomenon to which all other truths must bear witness.

Richard Grossinger, author, Planet Medicine; Out of Babylon: Ghosts of Grossinger's

Book Four: Hridaya Rosary
(Four Thorns Of Heart-Instruction)

by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
April, 2001.
paperback, 358 pages.


The ultimate Mysteries of Spiritual life. In breathtakingly beautiful poetry, Avatar Adi Da Samraj sings of the "melting" of the ego in His “Rose Garden of the Heart”.

No message of Liberation has ever been so direct. All stories and traditions of the God-Man pale before the intensely loving and heart-stirring Cry of Avatar Adi Da to simply melt into the Ocean of Divine Love-Bliss that He Is.

J.C. Troncale, Professor, University of Richmond; Director of Russian and East European Studies

Book Five: Eleutherios
(The Only Truth That Sets The Heart Free)

by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
April, 2001.
paperback, 672 pages.


An address to the great human questions about God, Truth, Reality, Happiness, and Freedom. Avatar Adi Da Samraj Reveals how Absolute Divine Freedom is Realized, and makes an impassioned Call to everyone to create a world of true human freedom on Earth.

This book is a must for spiritual aspirants . . . an unfailing guide to all true devotees.

K.T. Tangod, writing in Pathway to God magazine

Avatar Adi Da's insistence on the primary importance of human-scale cooperative community as the basic unit of the successful state is bold and refreshing. Each of us bears responsibility to practice, moment to moment, the ego-surrendering sacrifice that makes life sacred at the community level, peaceful on the level of interaction among nations.

Adi Da's Teaching is neither utopian nor dissociative; it is simply a radically new human politics based on the Truth. Even as He transcends the common bonds of the human, Adi Da remains the Great Teacher of the pragmatic human situation. How incredibly blessed that He is here at the moment when we need Him most!

Dan Hamburg, Former member of Congress; Executive Director, Voice of the Environment

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