Why settle for a lesser destiny?

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winner of the rat race

If you go with the flow, you go down the toilet.

Avatar Adi Da Samrak


Man wishes to be happy even when he so lives as to make happiness impossible.

Saint Augustine, The City of God


The Way of Adidam is a genuine alternative to the most familiar and common options of our time:

  • Blinded by science and materialism? Get Real Unlike scientific materialism, Adidam does not exclude the spiritual or the subjective from the study of Reality. The Spiritual practice of Adidam is based on accounting for the full nature of Reality, including greater-than-material dimensions, consciousness, death and beyond. For this reason, it is capable of identifying and realizing the greatest human potential, which is inherently Spiritual and Transcendental, and not material-only. To be blinded by science and materialism into thinking technological self-fulfillment is one's highest potential is to choose a destiny wherein one is increasingly pleasurized in body, and increasingly stimulated in mind, but increasingly desperate at heart.

  • Why settle for mere belief in God or a Greater Reality? Learn how to find God for real, rather than settling for belief only, as members of many traditional religions are taught to do.

  • Why settle for "New Age" spirituality? The Way of Adidam is a systematic means for bringing about the greatest possible Spiritual Realization. This, rather than the piecemeal practices and experiences one often finds in many "New Age" circles.

  • Why settle for the "pursuit of Happiness"? Learn the Lesson of Life and BE Happy now COMING SOON



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