The Nature of Reality: Perfect Happiness is Perfectly Possible

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The Fully Awakened Spiritual Master is the Way out of this illusion

Not because of any unfolding Divine Plan, but because of the inherent connection between God and beings, combined with Graceful circumstances that arise once in a rare while, the Divine appears in the human form of a Spiritual Master, who steadily transmits the Revelation of God to all human beings who find the Master, in a manner that is completely tangible to them.

A profound “sympathy” exists "between" God and the mostly suffering beings arising in God. "Sympathy" and "between" are only a crude way of putting it: God is manifesting as all of us; there is no separation whatsoever, so the connection is inherent (not God's choice) and most intimate, more akin to "me" and "my arm", and the natural sympathy I feel for my arm. "I" feel what "it" feels in the most intimate manner.

Even so, the Divine Being is not omnipotent in the "Creator God" sense, and a bridge between God and humankind can't simply be willed by God into existence. How that link is established is beyond the scope of this discussion, though much has been said about it, particularly by Avatar Adi Da Samraj; for the moment let's just call it, "something in the physics of the universe", as my Spiritual Master refers to it here in describing the Spiritual practice in His Company (called "The Way of Adidam"):


Avatar adi Da SamrajThere is a profound difference between the condition of the usual individual and the Condition of the fully Awakened individual. The difference is an inconceivable leap in evolution. But there is a real process for making that leap, and there is Help for it: the devotional relationship to Me, the Adept Spiritual Master. In other words, something in the physics of the universe makes it possible for a single apparent individual to pass through the entire affair of Divine Self-Realization, and then to bring others into the Sphere of the same Divinely Enlightened Existence, so that they may duplicate that Divine Condition. Therefore, just as the relationship to the Spiritual Master (of one or another degree) is the supreme Principle of Spiritual life in general, the relationship to Me is the Supreme Principle of the Way of Adidam.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, The Divine Physics of Evolution



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