Supportive Disciplines in the Way of Adidam

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The Discipline of Money, Work, and Handling Business

Even spiritual practitioners living in cooperative community with each other still have bills to pay every month. Paradoxically, even though the “separate self” is ultimately Realized to be an illusion, while we are undergoing the process of Waking Up from the dream, we do have to manage to physically survive (and, moreover, survive in a very effective manner, so we have plenty of time left over for concentrated forms of Spiritual practice), in order for the Spiritual process to proceed to the point of Waking Up:


There is the suspicion that if you are “Spiritual” you are not supposed to need money, you are not supposed to require anything, and you are supposed to abandon the functions of life. Obviously, though, money is needed in most circumstances, and work, force, love, and energy are necessary for functional survival. Why is it not obvious, then, why is it not patently the responsibility of individuals, that they bring life and commitment to their own religious or Spiritual community, that they take on its “creative” work, and contribute a responsible amount of money for its continuation? Why is that not obvious? . . . It is because of the traditional illusion of Spiritual attainment, which is pictured as a kind of evaporation process, wherein you become more and more “elusive” [“non-material”], and finally disappear inside your “something”, or dissolve into your “someplace else”. . . .

Adi Da Samraj directing the construction
of the first Adidam bookstore
(Los Angeles, 1972)

I think this traditional orientation is utter nonsense. . I do not teach it, and I do not support it. The Truth that already is the case [even while we are alive in material world] is the Truth from This One’s “Point of View”. I live very naturally in the human world, and its responsibilities do not make Me “un-Spiritual”. Its responsibilities are a “creative” manifestation, requiring intelligence. . . One who is incapable of ordinariness has not even begun to become involved in Spiritual life. . .

Avatar Adi Da Samraj,
The Method of the Siddhas


Here is where the conventional wisdom of business management experts such as Stephen Covey (in his The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) can be brought to bear, to great advantage. “Be proactive”, “Think ‘win-win’”, “Put first things first”, are extremely useful in the sphere of handling business. We just need to keep in mind that, for the Spiritual practitioner, “putting first things first” means making one’s number one priority be “Awakening from the dream”. Covey’s seventh habit of highly functional people, “Sharpen the saw”, is about using spirituality to relax, restore oneself, so one can get back to being highly functional. But this is exactly backwards! The primary use of being highly functional is to support spirituality and its Great Purpose.


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