Supportive Disciplines in the Way of Adidam

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The Discipline of Conscious Exercise

Most of us tend to have habits of bodily posture and movement that tend to bind rather than free up or conduct the energy of the body:


The usual activity of most men and women involves a compulsive breaking and obstructing of the life-current [in the Circle of the body-mind], thus creating tensions and inharmonies within the body. Whether acting or at rest, we are usually involved in an endless ritual of twitching and shifting the body, always compensating for the pain and discomfort of our usual condition. Through the conscious use of the body, while being randomly mindful of bodily movement and posture, one is able to observe and understand the ritual of bodily compensations and pass beyond them into a stable, harmonious condition. Therefore learn to use the whole body consciously and intuitively in ordinary life and meditation.

Avatar Adi Da samraj


Thus, as part of this discipline, one re-learns bodily posture altogether: how to stand, sit, and walk, appropriately and consciously. One also regularly practices various exercises that keep the body balanced:

  • Hatha Yoga “poses”, that relax and harmonize the body.

  • Chi Gong exercises, adapted from the Chinese Chi Gong system for the purpose of intensifying the “chi” (or life-force) in the body, and for increasing conductivity, particularly in the frontal line.

  • Pranayama, an ancient Indian technique for balancing and purifying the body through exercise of the breath and life-force.

The purpose of conscious exercise is to convert bodily posture and movement into devotion to the Divine, in every moment.


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