Supportive Disciplines in the Way of Adidam

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The Cultural Disciplines

The cultural disciplines that free up energy and attention for the Greater Purpose include:

  • Meditation. Each morning and evening a certain period of time is devoted to feeling-Contemplation of Avatar Adi Da Samraj and His Transmission. Because the meditative circumstance is one in which all other obligations on one’s feeling and attention (work, relating to others, etc.) have been removed, and because is sitting in a stable, erect posture that tends to minimize the demands the body is making on one’s attention, meditation is the discipline and circumstance that tends to represent the “cutting edge” of one’s awareness and reception of the Divine; it is likely to be in meditation that Realizations or shifts in levels of occur.

  • Sacramental practices. Each morning, practitioners of the Way of Adidam engage in sacramental practices that involve contemplation of the Divine in an active form, the form of “worship”: bodily movement, chanting, recitations, etc. are all used to to take what was re-initiated in the passive meditative circumstance at the start of the day and bring into the active sphere of the day via this active form of worship.

  • Education. Regular study of Avatar Adi Da Samraj's teaching is used to help break the addiction of the mind to wandering aimlessly in its attention from thought to thought; and to help refresh one’s memory and understanding of what the practice is (in detail) and why it is being engaged.


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