Supportive Disciplines in the Way of Adidam

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The Discipline of Health and Radical Healing


The basic principle of health, well-being, and the action of healing is the presumption of prior perfection rather than the motivating problem. One must be established in the presumption that Truth Is Always Already the Case, and, therefore, the Perfect Form of any condition is Already, Priorly, and Presently True of it. It is not that you are a problem, or dis-ease, to be cured (or a hopeless sinner to be saved). Rather, you are Already and Priorly One with the Perfect Condition and the Perfect Form of all conditions that presently pertain, and you are sim- ply operating in order to manifest it (or allow it to manifest itself ) in the play of experience.This is the basis of faith and faith healing. This must be true of you if you are to live fully well and in Truth. All cures that occur independent of the “faith presumption” are superficial and deluding.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj


Adidam takes a system-based (or holistic) approach to health. The typical allopathic approach looks at a particular health problem and recommends a treatment for that problem largely in isolation of the entire system. A system-based approach looks at the entire lifestyle, and focuses not only on the superficial symptoms but on the root disorders (or causes of disorders), and recommends a change at the level of how one is living. Needless to say, this doesn't exclude looking at, or even treating (even allopathically at times) the more superficial symptoms that can be very useful, even essential. It simply doesn't restrict itself to only treating superficial systems, and making at best only very general recommendations at the level of lifestyle (like, "exercise more", "eat less", etc.)

Different system-based approaches are based on different notions of the root causes of disease and ill-health. Adidam's viewpoint of radical healing is that disease is a result and expression of self-contraction. In this sense, ALL the disciplines of the way of Adidam conrtibute to good health because they all serve the purpose of transcending the self-contraction. Even so, we can still single out three means primarily responsible for maintaining a state of bodily health thus freeing up attention and energy otherwise spent on dealing with disease and bodily imbalance:

  • Faith. The body does not heal itself. It is healed, spontaneously, when it is established on a right, unobstructed balanced relationship with the all-Pervading Divine Presence. This view differs from the "Christian Science" view in that it is not adverse to conventional (allopathic) medical means or alternative medicine. It simply recognizes that, when these various means work, they do so by supporting or aiding (even if not intentionally) a Divine healing process.

  • Prayer. True prayer is present-time communion with the Divine, rather than looking for experiential results in mind or body for Happiness.

  • Right diet and fasting. For more on Adidam's view on "right diet", click here. Fasting involves abstinence from certain foods, taking purifying liquids, and, in general, changes of action to relieve or heal symptoms and to correct disease-producing habits.


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