Supportive Disciplines in the Way of Adidam

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The Discipline of Service to the Spiritual Master

There is a Spiritual law, which Avatar Adi Da calls, “The Sacrament of Universal Sacrifice”, that requires the devotee of the Spiritual Master to serve the Master and His or Her great work of liberating all beings from the dream, in return for and in gratitude for receiving the Master’s unceasing gift of Communion with the Divine, and ultimately Awakening as the Divine:


If you enter into spiritual relationship with an Adept [a Spiritual Master], you must enter into His service. When the great gift of Spiritual Transmission is what you are receiving [twenty-four hours a day], your obligation for service is effective twenty-four hours a day. It is a lifelong obligation, a total obligation even as the Spiritual Master lives His entire life in obligation to devotees. People who do not express that consciousness cannot use [My Transmission]. They become guilty and build up too much residual self-energy through their non-service and non-surrender. Eventually they stop practicing because they can no longer justify taking the Gift of Spiritual Help. Then they just sit around with glazed looks on their faces.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj


While this is a discipline, that cuts into any tendency to want to take without giving anything back in return, it also can be a great joy. For example, writing to you right now about the great Spiritual process is one of the ways some of us fulfill this law and discipline. But it is also very much our delight to do so, seeing how much the world is suffering, and how much every human being could benefit by beginning the Spiritual process of Waking Up. We delight in telling friends and people we run into about a movie that we’ve recently watched and enjoyed. How much greater is our delight in being able to tell people about the very real opportunity for Total Freedom and Complete Happiness!

You become what you meditate on. Besides being a Spiritual Law that enables further reception of the Spiritual Master's Transmission, service to the Spiritual Master is an essential part of the process of liberation. The concerns of the Fully Awakened Spiritual Master are the concerns of the Divine Being, one's True Self. It simply is not possible to Awaken as one's True Self, and still remain preoccupied with the concerns of one's own limited ego. One must have simultaneously been taking on the concerns of God. That is why many saints beings on the way to Waking Up have shown such compassion for others; they are increasingly identifying with, and enacting, a "God's Eye" View, and Its Focus on the liberation of all beings. One must do so if one is to release the "separate self" identity and realize the Divine Identity. To put it humorously: you don't get to be God without all the responsibility that comes with that "Position"! As Avatar Adi Da Samraj once put it, "Perfect Enlightenment is Perfect Responsibility", and His Own unending service to liberate others long day in and long day out, for decades - is the best example of that.

The most advanced practitioners in the Way of Adidam have confessed that the single most important "shift" that took place in their own practice which they associated with the critical milestone in practice of hearing was the shift in focus from preoccupation with their own "self" and its concerns to preoccupation with the Spiritual Master, Adi Da Samraj, and His Concerns. Here is one such story, told by devotee Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani, of that period in her practice:

Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani with Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani
serving Avatar Adi Da Samraj as He Blesses
a Holy Site at The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary

Now in direct relationship to my Beloved Guru, I went through a profound and extended reinvestigation and direct testing of the entire egoic structure of my life and consciousness. . . .

Beloved Adi Da asked me to begin to serve Him by passing on His Communications to His devotees. Beloved Adi Da's Instructions to His devotees encompass every aspect of human existence and everything required for the establishment of His Work in the world. And so, in this new service, I had to begin to do profound sadhana [spiritual practice] for the sake of others in a manner I had never done before. I had to relinquish my self-based concentration on my "own" relationship to Beloved Adi Da and in the simpler forms of service such as cleaning, cooking, and caring for the Trimada [Adi Da's children] that, until then, I had been used to doing in His Intimate Sphere. Now I had to devote my life to His Work. This marked a profound turning point in me, a surrender of all personal preference.

Apart from passing on Beloved Adi Da's Instructions, He expected me to serve others in the right devotional understanding and reception of the Instructions given. This service obliged me to move out of self-meditation and obsession with my own emotion, and that is how the intensive listening-hearing process began for me.

During this time, I saw that, no matter how positive or negative or easeful or difficult any moment was, I was always doing the same thing. Through my Beloved Guru's Divine Siddhi [Blessing-Power], I saw that my body-mind was only self-contraction and that it was my own activity. I also saw that my Divine Heart-Master Stands eternally Prior to that activity of mine. And I felt a profound Liberation in being able to effectively resort to Him beyond the mechanism of self-contraction. This was not a mental process it was a Revelation, a Gift, an Initiation into Communion with Him.

Thus, the Grace of hearing was awakened in me.

Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani


So it works both ways: you receive more of the Transmission of the Divine State, and you start acting more from the Viewpoint of that State than your own egoic state. And if you start acting more from the Viewpoint of that State (by serving the Spiritual Master), you receive more of the Transmission of the Divine State. The Realization of that Divine State cannot be dissociated from the Viewpoint of that State, and the actions that follow.


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