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Avatar Adi Da SamrajGeneral questions about spirituality, spiritual practice, Adidam, and Adi Da Samraj

In addition to making possible our own Divine Enlightenment, Adi Da's appearance here is also extraordinary clarifying. He demonstrates what a human life of Divine Realization looks like in fact, not merely ancient myth. And He provides the unadulterated details of how Spiritual Realization actually works.

Adi Da comprehensively addresses all the questions raised by spiritual beginners in the twenty-first century, including:

Q: What can we do about the fact of our own mortality? What does happen after we die? In what way precisely does how we live impact what happens to us after we die? What is the best way to live in order to serve tangible spiritual growth, as well as our destiny after death?

A: Read our article, Mortality, Death, and Beyond, to find out more about how to link up with That which transcends both life and death: how to commune with, and ultimately Realize God.

Q: Will "Realizing God" require giving up my ordinary life and viewpoint? Will it "ruin" my life?

A: Yes! That's the whole point: there can be no Realization of God - the Great Identity without complete transcendence of "self" the lesser identity. We reach the point where we finally realize our "precious" ordinary lives actually are pretty "low" on the scale of possibility, as we start to really suffer their limitations (particularly as we get older). Only after such "positive disillusionment" are we open to the possibility of being Awakened out of this mediocre destiny of a dream, which otherwise keeps repeating mechanically, lifetime after lifetime.

Q: Is the Guru-devotee relationship an archaism of the past? Wouldn't a "do it yourself" approach (more suited to the anti-authoritarian egos of our time) work?

A: Quite to the contrary: the Guru-devotee relationship is the very core of the "psycho-physics" of Spiritual Realization, which doesn't change with social trends. Surrender and transcendence of "self" (the one preferring the "do it yourself" approach) are still the necessary prerequisites for Realizing the Divine Self.

Q: How can we know Adi Da is a Divine Incarnation?

A: By the unique characteristics of the Divine State He transmits the complete dissolution of all "separate self" sense including all sense of separation from the world; His direct Revelation of the unity of Consciousness and Energy, etc. relative to which each of His devotees is a "witness" or "reporter" (not a "believer"). Talk to Adi Da's devotees around the world who are "tuning in" to His Transmission. Then place yourself in a position where you too can receive His Transmission: study His Teaching, view pictures and videos of Him, view His "Image Art", visit Adidam's Sacred Sanctuaries - all of these have been Spiritually Empowered by Adi Da to channel His Transmission.

Q: On some other sites, I've read about some lawsuits, and a Today Show episode, from 1985, that make some accusations about Adi Da's behavior way back then. What should I make of these?

A: Read our special section on the subject: Lawsuits, Countersuits, and Media Circuses.

Author and longtime devotee, James Steinberg, answers some frequently asked questions in A Conversation with James Steinberg .

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