Spiritual Realization Requires a Spiritual Master

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Maintaining the Availability of Grace over Time

If the Spiritual Master is the means by which Grace enters tangibly and stably into the world, what happens to that source of Grace when the Spiritual Master dies? The answer depends completely upon the Realization of the Spiritual Master's disciples. A tradition remains Spiritually empowered because the Spiritual Realizer of one generation transmits His or Her Realization to the disciple (or to an entire group of disciples), to the point where the disciple (or group of disciples) attains the same Realization, and learns how to function, in turn, as a Spiritual Transmitter for the next generation. If the Realization "lessens" over the generations, the tradition can eventually reach a point where it continues to be socially viable (as an authoritative source of social morality or charity) but has become Spiritually bankrupt; or it may splinter into genuine but small Spiritual flames here and there.

The Christian mystical tradition is a representative example
in sheer numbers of acknowledged saints, the tradition reached its zenith between 1200 and 1700 AD; it has been diminishing ever since. The dwindling numbers coincide with a general sense that the Christian mystical tradition and many other such traditions are dwindling, particularly with the global spread of a strongly materialistic world view. Even the deeply Spiritual culture of India has been strongly affected by its newfound lust for technology and material power, purposed toward eradicating the poverty and political powerlessness it has suffered for ages. India's surviving esoteric traditions are now mostly scattered pockets of Spirituality.

In some sense, then, the greatest gift for the world that a Spiritual Master could leave
now or in the future is the establishment of a community of disciples capable of preserving and even magnifying the Spiritual Master's Transmission down through the ages. This is in fact one of the primary purposes behind Avatar Adi Da Samraj's establishment of the Adidam Spiritual community.

In this context, we can read the symbol of the Boddhisattva in terms larger than the individual. A true Boddhisattva for this new millenium would be just such a living Spiritual community, but materially established on a global scale capable of countering the global sweep of materialism. Such a community would communicate the existence and availability of Grace to the world at large; and it would persist in keeping Grace available in the world, until the last "separate being" was Awakened out of the dream.



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