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books about Adi Da and Adidam


The Practical Spirituality Series
by Chris Tong, Ph.D.
25-book series (e-books).
release dates: 2000 - 2005.



Informed by the wisdom of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, this series of books addresses all the core issues of genuine spiritual practice, in a manner that is very easily accessible to readers with no particular background in spirituality or spiritual literature, but whose hearts yearn for Something Greater. Readers of these books will be able to better appreciate the uniqueness of the offering represented by Adidam and Avatar Adi Da Samraj, in the spectrum of spiritual and Transcendental opportunity.

Books 1-9 are currently available:

1. Beyond Believing
2. Secrets of Human Transformation
3. Habits of Highly Spiritual People
4. You CAN'T Take It With You
5. You WILL Take It With You
6. You CAN Take It With You
7. Beyond Spiritual Correctness
8. Three Views of Reality and Human Potential
9. The Sacred Earth: Realization of the Magical, Psycho-Physical Dimensions

about Book 1 in The Practical Spirituality Series:

Speaking from my own religious experience, the occasional, personal knowing of God, in itself, does not confer staying power and retrieval of that ecstasy. The memories wear away with time. However, the practice of the Revelation of God in the presence of a Realized Master confers depth of insight and Divine Transmission beyond ones own limited capacity. This is the practice that makes consequential the age-old belief in help from higher realms. Thank you for this labor of love!

Lee Sannella, M.D., author of The Kundalini Experience

Love and Blessings: The Divine Compassionate Miracles of Avatar Adi Da Samraj
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
paperback, 248 pages.

A book of stories from devotees of Avatar Adi Da who asked for His Blessing-Regard, and the remarkable process that ensued.


Easy Death
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
paperback, 528 pages.
An exciting, stimulating, and thought-provoking book that adds immensely to the ever-increasing literature on the phenomena of life and death. Thank you for this masterpiece.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D., author, On Death and Dying

Drifted in the Deeper Land
Talks on Relinquishing the Superficiality of Mortal Existence and Falling by Grace into the Divine Depth That Is Reality Itself
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
July, 1997.
paperback, 418 pages.


A chronicle of Talks by Avatar Adi Da from November-December 1996, including stories from devotees present during those gatherings. In this remarkable book, Adi Da Samraj addresses such fundamental questions as: What is experience for, and why isn't it a lot better? Are you just something that is built to die? And what is "you" anyway? Adi Da Samraj makes it clear that Truth is deeper than the philosophy that we come to an end at death, and deeper than the view that we are actually separate from everything else and everyone else. And true religion or spirituality is a process of letting go more and more in the Divine Depth that is beyond all experience, both ordinary and "spiritual".

Divine Distraction
by James Steinberg
paperback, 320 pages.
A longtime devotee of Avatar Adi Da Samraj discusses the unique joys and the challenges of the love-relationship with the God-Man. Along with many illuminating passages from the Wisdom-Teaching of Adi Da Samraj, Divine Distraction includes humorous, insightful, and heart-moving stories from His devotees, as well as Teachings and stories from the world's Great Tradition of religion and Spirituality.

See My Brightness Face to Face
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
July, 1997.
paperback, 200 pages.


A lavishly illustrated year-by-year documentation of the extraordinary Spiritual saga of Avatar Adi Das Work with His devotees. Covering the years 1972 to 1997, See My Brightness Face to Face includes abundant excerpts from Avatar Adi Das Talks and Essays, as well as numerous stories about Him told by His devotees with a wealth of photographs on every page.

My "Bright" Word
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
July, 2005.
paperback, 544 pages.


This book is the long awaited new edition of the collection of classic spiritual discourses originally published as "The Method of the Siddhas". In this extraordinary series of discourses from Adi Da Samraj's early teaching years, He communicates an exquisite summary of His "radical" teaching-revelation. In this book you find find classic talks like: "Understanding", "Money, Food and Sex", "Vital Shock" and "Guru as Prophet". As always, in these talks Adi Da passionately offers everyone the gift of a heart-relationship to Him as spiritual master and reveals His way beyond all seeking and suffering. 'My "Bright" Word' is a gift Adi Da has given to all -- for the purpose of spiritual liberation for those who are interested in it. In this book, Adi Da Samraj makes it again possible for anyone to read the first formal instruction given by him. Some of the talks in this book are also available on CD.

Adi Da and Adidam
The Divine Self-Revelation of the Avataric Way of the "Bright" and the "Thumbs"
by Carolyn Lee, Ph.D.
January, 2004.
paperback, 64 pages.

read the electronic version (pdf)

Adi Da and Adidam

A brief introduction to the Divine Life of Avatar Adi Da Samraj and His Unique Spiritual Revelation of the Way of Adidam. Includes:

Adidam: The True World-Religion Given by the Promised God-Man, Adi Da Samraj
February, 2004.
paperback, 196 pages.

This book offers a clear and concise explanation of the five fundamentals of the Way of Adidam, as given by Avatar Adi Da Samraj. It answers the questions, "Who Is Adi Da Samraj?" and "What is the Way that He Offers?", and provides a simple introduction to the unique Spiritual relationship with Adi Da Samraj for those who are just discovering Him and His Wisdom-Teaching. This book communicates the five esoteric aspects of the Way of Adidam in direct terms, and is illustrated with powerful excerpts from Avatar Adi Da's Teaching.

Adi Da: The Promised God-Man Is Here
Carolyn Lee, Ph. D.
New concise edition, August 2003.
paperback, 358 pages.

The authorized biography (in concise form) of Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

This extraordinary book creates a powerful experience of the Reality and Truth of Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj. Because it so poignantly quotes and clarifies His Teaching and His Life, it has deepened my experience of Him as the Divine Gift established in the cosmic domain.

Gabriel Cousens, M.D., author of Conscious Eating, Spiritual Nutrition, and Tachyon Energy: A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing.

That God can, among other things, actually incarnate in human form once seemed unbelievable to me. But reading the books of Avatar Adi Da obliterated all doubt about the existence of God right now, here on Earth in human form.

Charmian Anderson, Ph.D., Psychologist; author of The Heart of Success and Bridging Heaven and Earth.

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